Hello Fight Story Team,

I want to contribute anyway I can, so here's my Fight story. I started wrestling in New Jersey (one of the most competitive and serious wrestling states) at 6 years old.

There was so much pressure to practice, go to camps, clubs, be better...it was my entire life. I got pretty good my freshman year but started to hate it, it was never my choice.

My senior year of high school, I was severely depressed and made a noose in my room out of a jump rope. I would stare at it and hope my parents would see it and thankfully they did. Therapy and medicine really helped me a lot.

After my senior year, I quit martial arts until I found karate in college, then grappling and taekwondo as an adult. I still struggle with panic attacks. When I get them it feels like I'm going to die, become dizzy, or lose my mind, but I know that I won't. It's really hard, especially when I am engaged to be married and have responsibilities at home.

I am healing. Taking the correct dosage of medications according to my doctor, exercising, and doing things I can control, like meditating. I try to give myself the "So What" challenge when I am anxious. It goes like this...

I am anxious
So what?
What if I pass out?
So what?
What if I go crazy?
So what?
What if I hurt someone?
You won't. Now what?
Yup. Exactly.

Angela Lee, your story really inspired me. I really feel like I can fight my anxiety, panic, and depression and I don't feel alone. God bless you and your family.