Story Topics Covered: General mental health and wellness, Depression, Anxiety


My story of love to the mixed martial arts starts 10 years ago when I was 16 years old. I'm study in a school with a lot bullies and to be able to protect myself in case, I registered for the local boxing gym and I immediately fell in love with combat sports. After 1 year I wanted to know more about mixed martial arts so I moved to kickboxing. After 3 years I joined to the military and served 3 years in the air force, in the meantime I planned on going to be a professional fighter. Right after my service I got hit by a car and broke my spinal cord. Now I fighting a different fight, the fight for my life. Every day I going to rehabilitation with or without pain to reach my goal, be the first human that comes back to the ring after paralysis. Through a high edge technology and a lot of training I making incredible progress and all my functions are coming back. I'm already fighting 2 years with my severe injury and this journey filled with physical and mental pain.