Angela is breaking through barriers, entering a new space of one that is mental health & wellness with fight story Inc. Angela has been a professional mma fighter since 2015 and is a 6x mma world champion in one championship.

While the world has only seen her in this light, she has been dedicated to the creation and development of this organization since losing her younger sister, Victoria to suicide in December 2022. Angela has been endlessly working in both her professional, and interpersonal life to ensure that narratives of mental health and illness are not left in the dark. She wishes to use her platform on social media and the world of mma to leave a positive impact on the world.

For this reason, she has founded the mental health non-profit organization, fight story in honor of her younger sister, Victoria lee.

Angela believes in the power of sharing personal stories and connecting through our lived experiences. She has since opened up and shared her own experiences with overcoming battles with mental health and illness. Angela understands the urgent need to talk more about mental health and is determined to help those battling in silence

Though you may feel lonely in your battle with mental health,
You are not alone.

Our Board of Directors

Jewelz Lee

Jewelz Lee is the Mother of founder Angela Lee Pucci as well as Christian, Julia, Victoria and Adrian Lee. She continues to be a resilient advocate in her children's life for them to speak their truth, and embody all parts of themselves. She has seen the struggles that her children, who are combat athletes, have gone through. Therefore, she chooses to help lead the movement to promote awareness and ensure that no other mother has to ever see her loved ones contemplate and compromise life in their journey.

She has and will continue to fight alongside her children, not only as a mother but as a fighter herself.


Misha Shahid is currently a personal trainer, and graduatestudent as well as the founder/president of AAPI Wellness; a nonprofit committed to empowering the physical and mental well-being of Asian American and Pacific Islanders through connectivity and community. As per her own experiences navigating through mental health and illness, she understands the importance of sharing not only the overcoming but also the struggle itself.

She is more than willing to support the organization not only as a director but as an active member cheering on and empowering the cause.


Maraya Tomiko Miller is a pro-MMA fighter and youth martial arts instructor. Maraya has countlessly advocated for mental health in both her personal, and professional life and continues to shine as a wonderful role model for many. She understands what it means to work through life battling mental health concerns and continuously shows up to remain kind and strong through it all.

Using her voice, and radiant energy she is always ready to welcome people in, and allow them to empower themselves. For this reason, it is more than an honor to welcome her to the FIGHTSTORY team.


Bruno Pucci is husband to founder, Angela Lee Pucci. He is also a professional MMA fighter since 2014, as well as a BJJ athlete. As a business owner and head coach of United BJJ Hawaii, he has endlessly used his talents to help his community and other combat sports athletes to feel empowered and strong. He also uses his abilities and profession to give back, teaching children/anyone who joins his gym and enjoys watching people thrive and finding confidence within themselves.

Due to the nature of the cause of FIGHTSTORY being so personal to him and his loved ones, Bruno continues to be a resilient ally and partner to FIGHTSTORY.


Erin Standage is a jiu-jitsu athlete, self-defense coach, and a cancer survivor. She is a living embodiment of what it means to be a fighter. Erin has taken the initiative to host seminars and lessons for women and sex-trafficking victims. As per collaboration with FIGHTSTORY and Angela, it is aimed to continue to give back to the community through martial arts and various wellness activities to advocate for mental wellness and physical safety.

For this reason, we are honored to welcome our friend and fighter, Erin, to FIGHTSTORY.

Nick Cribbs

Nick Cribbs, a dedicated videographer, father, and husband, has been a steadfast supporter of FIGHTSTORY since its early stages. His commitment to our cause, rooted in personal experiences with loss, reflects a deep understanding of the impact such events can have on one's life. Nick joins our team not only as an active member but as a fighter, bringing unique efforts and his own compelling story to advocate for those who may feel the weight of loss and to encourage those struggling in silence to seek support. FIGHTSTORY welcomes Nick, as an integral part of our FIGHTSTORY team and community.